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Heyo everybody! Im Joey and I’m Amanda - And this is the Joey and Amanda Podcast. We’re married (to each other), we live in Los Angeles, and we’re creatives doing what we love everyday. Amanda is a full time artist and works from our at home art studio. She has a fine arts degree and has given talks at TedX, Art Basel, and runs workshops all over the world. Joey is an actor. He has a fine arts degree in acting and many years of theatre, film, and improv training. Joey has been working in the entertainment industry since 2014. Together through positivity, humor, and education we would love to inspire, motivate, and keep you company throughout your day and night. We’re fascinated with human behavior, relationships, self improvement and the pursuit of passions. So we talk about it with each other and special guests including David Rudman (Cookie Monster), Max Joseph (Catfish), Elizabeth Kromhout (Therapist), Henri Dauman (Holocaust Survivor), and many more. We also share Good News from around the world every Monday morning to start your week off right. We invite you to join us in this incredibly supportive community.

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