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Guardians of the Gygaxy; the story of several groups of adventurers as they deal with the conflicts which arise in Faerûn.
Season 1 (The Known Gygaxy)
Our Homebrew story... How we learnt to Podcast
Season 2 Tyranny of Dragons
Our current story.
We take a shot at the first released module by Wizards of the Coast. Will our adventurers be able to stop the Cult of the Dragon Queen or will the world be devoured by The Chromatic Dragon; Tiamat.
Lay Rennie - Dungeon Master
Richard Thomas - Rak the Bugbear Paladin
Karl Ushaw - Zabrik/ Sir Daniel the Tiefling Bard
Ataria Gibbons - Ernst the Ikwiikwii Rogue
Michael Sharpe - Dorian An Gof the Human Fighter/Cleric

74 episodes