Two Gringos with Questions


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Global Americans and the Canadian Council for the Americas presents Two gringos with questions, an interview series featuring political and cultural leaders from across the Americas. Your hosts GA Board Member Chris Sabatini and CCA’s President Kenneth Frankel, two gringos who focus on and work in Latin America and the Caribbean, will ask policymakers, business leaders and cultural movers and shakers about their views on the region and its future. The series will provide informal and unexpected information on what’s going on in Latin America and in the Western Hemisphere as a whole. Of course, they’ll ask policymakers about their policy plans, but will also ask them about their take on cultural events, trends and their personal tastes and lives. On the other side they’ll ask musicians, authors, movie directors and cultural trendsetters not just on what they think is hot in terms of new cultural trends but also on their political views.

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