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Mat Piche, also known as the "The Fruitful Investor" is a real estate investor from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He began his career as a broke carpenter renovating properties STRICTLY for real estate investors in his home town. But the more and more investors he met and helped, the more he realized they all had a problem ... They couldn't find a real estate agent who specialized SOLELY with real estate investors. Most of his renovation clients begged him to get his real estate license as he knew exactly what they wanted and how to renovate homes. The rest is history! Mat is now a real estate agent specializing with investors in KW and is also a very active investor. He became a millionaire by age 28 and a multi millionaire by age 30. His obsession is living a life of true freedom thanks to quality and boring income producing real estate while also helping his partners and clients build serious wealth. In this Podcast, Mat will strip the audio tracks from his YouTube videos to give his listeners easy access to his proven real estate strategies and life hacks on the go. To get Mat's FREE books and courses, visit:

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