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Rob Mulholland (a proper funny stand-up comedian) has hilarious opinions about everything all the time. Whereas previously he wasted them by spouting them to loved ones or nearby drunks, now in this modern internet age he has committed them to very funny comedy podcasts. Each episode is Rob's opinion on a thing*. Sometimes it'll be huge societal or philosophical issues, sometimes it'll be more important stuff like which member of Blue I'd tap if I had to (Anthony Costa, don't @ me). If you'd like to suggest a topic for me to give an opinion on then tweet me at @robmulholland or email with the subject line "Have an opinion on this". New episode(s) every Wednesday. ....*All opinions are half-baked and ill thought out. All opinions expressed are purely for entertainment purposes and may well be totally wrong. Even Rob doesn't know if they're real or jokes any more. Subscribe ta

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