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Who Magoo *Music Review* Jukebox Jams -Music transcends time takes us back to Great memories of our first rock concert or playing with the high school band and music takes us into the present with Musicians who are creating living memories with the notes and lyrics they write, “Who Magoo Music Review” Live Streaming all Shows @ WhoMagoo.com -Live & Podcasts it’s a simple playlist on this show play Great Jams provided; Blind Raccoon (Betsie Brown), MTS Records (Michael Stover), Doug Deutsch Publicity, ABIK Radio Promotions (Leen Velthuis), Delmark Records (Kevin Johnson) and music friends, Music karma moves us all forward, or back to better days, in a song and memories, God lives in Music and in friends, Rock On!! TG :) Thanks, just click and play! Enjoy, Blessed Catalog of Music! @ WhoMagoo.com – Thanks for the Interviews and the time to come on the show, Great Guests!! ‘the little ole podcast that could’ lol – Magoo…@ WhoMagoo.com
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