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Let's be real: we’ve all heard that we should “work smarter, not harder.” But how do you actually DO that? Listen in as self-made Wellness Entrepreneur and Stress Expert Courtney Elmer shows you how to achieve more while doing less, so you can break up with busy and create the bigger impact you were born to make. Discover the surprising secrets behind what’s actually keeping you from reaching your goals, and walk away with mind-blowingly simple steps to go from chaos to clarity so you can have the income and impact you deserve. After overcoming cancer at 25, Courtney learned that “working harder” is NOT the fastest way to success. Now as the creator and founder of The EffortLESS Life™, Courtney specializes in showing high-achievers like you how to maximize your influence, income, and impact — without maxing out your time, energy, or effort. Because if you feel stuck or like you’re spinning your wheels, you’re doing it wrong... and you're in the right place. Despite what you might’ve heard, stress and overwhelm do NOT have to be a normal part of your everyday life. It’s time to break up with busy and bust the myths that hustle and hard work are necessary for success, so you can 10x your growth in a way that’s smart and sustainable.

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