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We're making mushrooms sexy, ya'll. This is the Medicin from the Earth, for us, our body, mind + relationships. The Medicin is not "typical." The typical, normal and average is getting people sick, overweight, unhappy, divorced, and living a life wishing and wondering if there’s supposed to be more. Hint: There is. And we’re here to uncover it with you. Save the surface-level stuff for obligatory network events and awkward family reunions. We’re going deep, because deep is dope. In this show you'll hear me, Mimi, nicknamed the Mushroom Queen in long form chats with some of the most interesting health experts. And raw "under the red hat" episodes with me and my man love, Chase. He and I were childhood sweethearts, married, separated and divorced. After 3 years apart we are back together and here discovering each other and the universe together. Dig in with us and discover how we know first-hand that its all worth it. Cheers + love.

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