Music & chat with Shueh-li Ong (composer, thereminist, multimedia geek, educator)


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The notion that something new could assist us in creating something special continues to fascinate us. Come join my guests and me as we peel away the tech, science and creativity behind each “something” in the entertainment industry. I perform my music live for you, get to know you, and tackle interesting questions. [Season 1 was streamed from Singapore: May through to August 2020. Season 2 broadcasts from Nashville TN in October. Guests from Season 1 include Dean Parks (most recorded guitarist in town), Chris Currell (on synclavier for MJ’s BAD album/tour), Jeff Bell (DJ/voice-over artist), Beegie Adair (Steinway jazz artist), Jim Robinson (Founder; NJProghouse), Herb Deutsch (co-inventor of Minimoog), Philip Nelson (former VP strategic Dev, NewTek VFX system), Kira Smith (boom operator: John Wick, Adjustment Bureau, Girl on the Bridge).]

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