The New Abnormal


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I set up my podcast a few months ago to portray the viewpoints of a range of 'interesting people' around the world, with the intention of providing alternative and independent viewpoints on this extraordinary year. (I'm pleased to say that these podcasts have now been downloaded more than 20,000 times around the world.) My focus has been 'hope, community and resilience as the ways forward' as we pause, reflect and reset, regarding the impact of C19 and other major issues. Hence they're subjects that I discuss with my guests (alongside discussing their own personal stories) who are drawn from backgrounds inc activists, creatives, strategists, psychologists, lecturers, writers and futurists. Re: my background, I'm a research consultant, public speaker and author. (My first book 'The Post-Truth Business' focused on authenticity and reputation capital; the second 'Influencers & Revolutionaries' on innovation and behavioural change.) The insights gained in these podcasts, alongside ongoing cultural/social & brand/comms research carried out by BrandPositive.Org, impact on my speeches and brand consultancy activity.

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