I Love Marsha


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“I Love Marsha” - A weekly, fictional comedy. Meet Matt and Marsha Wilson, a middle aged, married couple who are from opposite sides of the US, and their crazy friends and family! Laugh along as each episode proves love and laughter can bridge the differences between Pasadena, California and Waldo, Arkansas, and maybe anywhere else. Actors: Marsha - Sandy Tiffin, Matt - Rudy Rich, Al - Dick English, Lois - Carolyn Rich, Hank, Bert - George McGowan, Thelma - Victoria Danner, Brian/Briana, Nigel, Bubba, Frederick - Chuck Sims, Waitress, Judith Dimplemeyer - Chrissy Pounders, Kelli Mae - Vicki Tiffin, Daniel Chang - Rick Tiffin, Auntie Mae - Emilie Ortega, Aunt Gladys - Noreen Scott

34 episodes