The Soft Apocalypse


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In a near future, slowly collapsing America, three bumbling stoner artists fall into a universe of murder and high strangeness. Abram, a frustrated artist, and his girlfriend Edie, a successful artist and successful stoner, live in a nearly abandoned San Francisco along with Abram's best friend Kenner, a transient, philosophy-spouting psychonaut. Days run together in this post-work, climate-ravaged metropolis, until a stranger slips Abram a memory card loaded with cryptic government documents, flinging the trio into a bizarre world of hired assassins, aliens, bio-terrorists, and virtual reality deities. On the run, pursued by an evil they can't imagine, are they actually in danger, or are they unwitting pawns in a plot to put the dying Earth out of its misery? A psychedelic road story, it’s an intoxicating, absurd, conspiracy-laden ride into a not so distant soft apocalypse.

2 episodes