S05 EP27: Scaling DTC Facebook Ads with Product Centred Video Ad Creatives


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On today’s episode, Kunle interviews Moshe Saraf, Founder and CEO of Pareto Solutions, an elite performance marketing agency headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. They specialise in promoting direct-to-consumer and unicorn brands such as eko, Fiverr, NectarSleep, Mixtiles, The Flex Belt, Uprightpose, Puls.com

If you live in the US or the EU, chances are that you will most likely have not only seen one of Pareto's fast-paced, product-oriented ads but also purchased a product or service (like Kunle has), that the agency has promoted on Facebook or Snapchat.

The focus of our conversation today was on creative led media buying on the Facebook Advertising Platform.

Here is a summary of some of the most important points made,

Pareto Solutions operate a Creative Leasing Model - this means that they exclusively work with brands with a monthly Facebook ads spend starting from $500,000 - the take on $200,000 as a test to prove their expertise and control not just campaign structure but more importantly control all creatives.

When they demonstrate their entire campaign and creative structure to be better, the lease out their creatives to the clients.

They apply an 18% campaign management fee to the $200,000 spend and then a 7.5% fee on the campaigns leasing their ad creatives.

Moshe says that they spend 80% of their time and focus on eCommerce ads campaigns on either creating creatives or optimising existing creatives.

When selling direct-to-consumer you essentially want to create product-oriented ads

Their campaign structure is incredibly simple - it is comprised of just 2 campaigns

The first frame of creatives are hugely important for engagement - craft them like you craft a landing page - you want to address either the key value or a key pain as early as possible in your creative.

Do not limit signals to Facebook by limiting audience sizes or focusing on narrow audiences.



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