SE05 EP02: Growth Checklist for 2020


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Kunle hosts today's show, he talks about 9 to-dos every direct-to-consumer marketing team should have in order to unlock sales growth in 2020. Here is a summary list of what was discussed:

  1. The growth triad: AOV, Conversion Rate, Traffic (returning / new)
  2. Push Notifications
  3. SMS
  4. Unify your messaging strategy - synergise it
  5. Reduce the amount you're discounting
  6. Drive a lot of focus on brand
    1. Frame and tell your brand’s stories
    2. Leave visual and audio-visual footprints
    3. Work nurturing a community
    4. What emotions does your brand evoke
    5. Influencers
  7. Sell internationally
  8. Know your customers even more - carry out more surveys
  9. Drive multi-channel selling -> go headless and also explore new channels to sell e.g. messenger (email transactions might be a thing in 2020)



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