SE05 EP08: Creating Effective Video Ads


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On today's episode, Kunle goes deep into the subjects of emotional selling, developing video creatives and media buying scheduling.

Emotion is critical to advertising and advertising works by establishing feelings, associations and memories in relation to a brand. The association of memories influences buyer behaviour which ultimately translates into a purchase.

Emotions help,

  • stimulate and guide attention
  • create and reinforce associations created by advertising

What your video ads should set out to do is, to deliver incidental learning in a passive way, whilst your media buying strategy will ensure audience relevance.

Repetition helps establish memory more firmly, it will typically take more exposures to establish a new memory than to confirm an old memory.

Media Planning + Effective Creatives have to work together and might require continuous or infrequent exposure that is dependent on the following four factors. 1. Likeable ads So your first task as an ad buyer is to ensure that your ad(s) triggers apositive emotional response. i.e. it is likeable. Likability and relative likability determine the degree of attention the ad will attract as well as the potential response. 2. How established is your brand amongst your target audience? Brand equity - What brand associations and stored memories have been accumulated thus far? Are you working with a full or empty cupboard? This will determine both the degree of frequency and creative refresh required to enable you plan your media buys. 3. Stagnant vs Fresh messaging in creatives Ad exposure: Frequency and intervals between ads Excessive frequency does not work well with stagnant creatives High frequency on the other hand will work with on-brand creatives that deliver fresh messages and new ideas 4. Are your new creatives delivering a new message or new offer? If yes, they may be competing against existing memories. And will need more exposure to force brand associations and stored memories

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