SE05 EP15: Klaviyo Data Insights: eCommerce is Witnessing Explosive Growth


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When I heard that eCommerce Sales were up by 30% in the last six weeks compared to the previous six weeks, I couldn't help but want to know how and why this has happened.

Given that we are in the middle of a pandemic and hardly any country is back to normal, how has the ecommerce industry thrived amid the closure of bricks and mortar retail and Amazon not operating at full capacity?

Well, according to Klaviyo's insights, e-tailers' seem to have seized the opportunity to serve a continuously surging customer-demand for specific products that align with consumers' hierarchy of needs.

My interview with Jake Cohen, Head Of Product Marketing at Klaviyo is a must-listen if you would like to understand better categories in ecommerce currently thriving (there are some surprises) as well understand how to make the best use of this unique opportunity.

Jake explains that Klaviyo have a customer-base of 100,000 e-commerce stores,

30,000 of which are paying customers.

They selected 19,000 stores from their cohort of paying customers that were in business all through 2019 as well as 2020 and have been able to deliver their highly detailed 'Coronavirus Ecommerce Insights'.

Klaviyo have also been running a daily ecommerce brand and customer survey to get a sentiment and pulse.

----------- Daily Pulse - Klaviyo ----------- Calling all eCommerce Marketers and Founders, Klaviyo have put together this daily survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Please fill it out here, it will take only 2-minutes. Results will be emailed to you daily So go ahead and support it by completing the form: ----------- SPONSORS: This episode is brought to you by: Klaviyo This episode is brought to you by Klaviyo – a growth marketing platform that powers over 25,000 online businesses. Direct-to-Consumer brands like ColourPop, Huckberry, and Custom Ink rely on Klaviyo.Klaviyo helps you own customer experience and grow high-value customer relationships right from a shopper’s first impression through to each subsequent purchase, Klaviyo understands every single customer interaction and empowers brands to create more personalized marketing moments. Find out more on Rewind This episode is brought to you by Rewind.The #1 Backup and Recovery App for Shopify and BigCommerce stores that powers over 25,000 online businesses. Direct-to-Consumer brands like Gymshark and Movement Watches rely on Rewind.Cloud-based ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce do not have automatic backup features. Rewind protects your store against human error, misbehaving apps, or collaborators gone bad with Automatic backups! For a free 30-day trial, Go to, reach out to the Rewind team via chat or email and mention ‘2x ecommerce’

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