SE4 EP45: How HYLETE Use Klaviyo as their eCommerce CRM to Optimize Every Channel • Klaviyo:BOS


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Another KlaviyoBOS interview with Jon Palmer, Marketing Director at HYLETE, an innovative community built, backed, and driven fitness apparel brand, with 20-40% YOY growth, 50% of revenue tracked via Klaviyo Click, 80% average open rate on flows and powered by 200+ behavioral flow emails.

We talk about how Jon's team us Klaviyo as CRM that glues otherwise siloed customer touchpoints into a coherent and personalised customer journey flow.

Here is a summary of what was discussed:

  • Pass data from all customer touchpoints to Klaviyo with Klaviyo's API
  • Touchpoints HYLETE integrate include SMS, reviews, their loyalty program, customer service and referral marketing
  • They are able to power their winback campaigns with data from loyalty programs e.g. sending emails to customers that have points about to expire.
  • They send out referral program applications to customers that have given them 5-star ratings
  • They use surveys, quizzes and forms to enrich their customer data
  • They send direct mail postcards to unsubscribers, low engagers and cart abandoners that have provided their postal details



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