SE4 EP47: Are We Ready for Voice Commerce?


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On today's episode, we are joined by Anmol Oberoi, Founder of Emitrr - a voice commerce platform for eCommerce merchants and also an Amazon Partner for voice commerce.

We talk about,
  • Core voice commerce concepts and why now is the right time for eCommerce merchants to start adoption.
  • Amazon's Alexa's current dominance in the voice space
  • Quantifying voice commerce outside of Amazon's domain
  • The convergence of voice and display screens with devices such as Echo Show
  • Current limitations of Alexa outside of the home environment
  • Stages of the customer journey, merchants should consider voice commerce
  • Best practices for designing voice UI?
  • The current size of the voice commerce space and what lies ahead in the future

Anmol also talks about five fundamental pillars to your voice commerce strategy,

  1. Focus on the user as real estate is limited
  2. Environment and context awareness
  3. There is no hierarchy in Voice
  4. Linguistics
  5. Focus on delivering short responses

It is a tactic and strategy-packed episode!



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