Stairs Pt1... Samantha Schnitzler & Bentley Kalu (129)


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That's right folks we have finally got round to bringing you the first part of our Stairs series.

This episode is a bit of a bumper episode as we talk to the amazing Samantha Schnitzler and wonderful Bentley Kalu about their exciting careers to date, Bentley working with everyone who is anyone, Samantha's podcast, hooking up with director Tom Paton on Black Site and the upcoming release Stairs.

we had the absolute pleasure of visiting the set of Stairs last summer and got to experience the next level in director Tom Patons movie brain.

Sam and Bentley had to be our first episode due to the fantastic relationship they have on and off set. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking to these guys.

Look out for PT2 with more great chats...

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