2020 04 01


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back on KCSB for the spring. pretty cool huh?

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(intro by omar)
gorgeous bully “i can see” from HOLSTEN
Electronic Death Registry “cinnamon kiss” from Watermelon Tiger
(T-T)b “Knucklehead” from Slimy Quagmire
Nana Grizol “Mississippi Swells” from Ursa Minor
CLIQUE “Saline” from Burden Piece
SEED BOMB “<3 VC” from The Best Worst Things
Pope Anything “Up Against the Wall” from Witch Tits EP
yoni yum “Pudding Wife” from Puddin Gwife
Xylitol “Atrocity Man” from “…Is Toxic to Pigs” EP
Navy Gangs “Special Glands” from Navy Gangs EP
jade imagine “Stay Awake” from Stay Awake / Walkin’ Around 7"
Umm “Oh Yes No” from Double Worshipper
jackleen diana eve “and somewhere,” from cafe eyes
Earthbound “Protection Spell” from The Flood
Pom-Pom Squad “Protection Spells” from HATE IT HERE
Real Live Tigers “Leave a Map” from Denatured
Sequoyah Murray “Lamps” from True Fun
Bill Baird “World Gone Deaf” from Spring Break of the Soul
The Bedroom Witch “Play” from Injury

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