2020 05 27


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seriously i don’t know if i want to go outside ever again.

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(intro by omar)
Nanami Ozone “Desire” from Desire
Dina Maccabee “Ducky” from Land So Sweet
Clasp “Sorry to Catch You On Your Way Out” from Clasp
Dude York “Something In The Way” from Sincerely
Dust from 1000 yrs “smoke em up” from DUST 2017
Pluperfect “Waffles” from Grade Pending
Lost Balloons “Not My Time” from Hey Summer
Closure “SLOW DRIVE” from Journey EP
George Christian Pettis “My Oh My” from Tallasassy + The Heavy Meadow Demos
Bilge Rat “Fly Paper” from Bilge Rat
Big Blood “Babies Looking Weird” from Double Days I
Littler “Oversteeped” from Bad Hand
girlpool “It Gets More Blue” from Powerplant
Foodman “this is fue” from IRO IRO
Stella Donnelly “Mechanical Bull” from Thrush Metal
SECT “Money” from Self Titled
Itasca “Marcy Rain” from Out of Time
Two Year Touqe “Tea Dont Make You Pee” from The Midi West
xenon superstar “bad communicator” from sleep well if you can
Cloud Cover “MIRROR ME” from Mirror Me

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