#108: Adding Rocket Fuel To Your Studio's Growth (With Something We Often Ignore)


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You hustle and grind–day in and day out…

You work so much that you often forget to eat, or worse, your meals consist of potato chips and soda.

But you’re busy, right?#hustle #GaryV #RiseAndGrind

That’s just how life is, right?


By neglecting yourself you are digging a hole… deeper and deeper and deeper.

Before long, you’re in such a deep, dark place that you don’t see a way out.

It’s time to take a step back, reset your focus, and take care of THE most important part of running your business… you.

But what exactly is self-care?

It’s finding that proper balance between building our business and building ourselves.

Learn how you finding the right balance of stress+rest can be rocket fuel for your studio’s growth.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Who needs this episode… and who doesn’t
  • How making sure you get enough rest is vital to your life
  • Why recognizing what self-care does for you is key to taking action
  • What steps you can take to get the appropriate self-care
  • Why the single most important thing you can do is taking one day off each week
  • Why having boundaries is incredibly important
  • How self-care is an investment in your life
  • How the 80/20 rule is important for self-care
  • What anxiety does to self-care

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