Ep. 46 - Netflix and Church (Special Guest: Aaron Wentling)


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Netflix's Cuties, a film depicting sexual acts performed my minors and borderline child pornography received swift condemnation this week, with many calling for a boycott of the company. Nick, Andy, and Matt give their thoughts on this deplorable film, discuss the efficacy and utility of boycotts, and debate wether or not it is ethical to buy products from companies that donate to immoral causes (e.g. Ben and Jerry's).

As revealed in recorded interviews with Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, President Trump knew that the coronavirus was deadlier than the flu, airborne, and would become a major problem for the US back in February. To this day, the President continues to downplay the virus. The guys delve into the details and voice their righteous indignation about Trump's failure to lead.

To spice things up a bit, friend of the program Aaron Wentling stops by for a good old fashioned theology discussion. The question for debate: Is sola scriptura unbiblical? A constructive Catholic v. Protestant v. Undecided (Andy) ensues!

All of this and more can be heard on Episode 46 of A House Divided

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