Ep. 58: Bacon, Beef & Feasting, Part 2


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In this episode, Brandon and Lauren discuss: methods of cooking lean meats - barding, larding and confit; preserving (and tenderizing) a side of beef by hanging it; how it is that beef can be both dry and juicy at the same time; and how to make a deliciously tender meal from a tough cut of meat.

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Part 2 Show Notes
  • Barding and larding lean meats (and confit), 1:28
  • The key to not curing beef - hanging, 4:10
  • How dry-aging tenderizes beef and makes it more juicy, 5:36
    • Bacon lattice chuck roast, 15:18
  • Conventional names of the back end of a beef, 23:57
  • We've discovered Pho! Another use for our broth..., 32:02
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