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Season 2 picks up in 1954, right where we left off. (But you don’t need to hear season 1 to follow along.) A secret organization of lesbians forms under the FBI's watchful eye as the national Mattachine Society crumbles. A political revolution is launched by a drag queen. Police raid gay spaces and street queens fight back.

The conservative gays who commandeered the movement in Season 1 push against the queers who don't conform to suits and skirts. The masks come off and a militant minority is rising.

Mattachine: A Queer Serial is told in serialized episodes.
Created by Devlyn Camp.

Bonus episodes! Cute buttons! Cute mugs! Cute archival research photos! Join me on Patreon at Our first bonus episode (June 1!) is also a true queer history story called “A Murder in Midtown.” It’s a wild tale.

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