Episode 178: All In the Family


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First up: sorry about 1/4 of our sound. Chris didn't switch audacity over to the correct microphone. But everyone else sounds great! This week on DS9, family stories abound! First up, Ben convinces Jake to go all Thor Heyerdahl with him in a ship based on centuries-old Bajoran plans; as they trace history, they discuss their futures in "Explorers". After that, Quark's in trouble for not reining in a family member. No, Rom didn't somehow bumble his way into crime: their mother Ishka turns out to have a rebellious streak and her sons disagree on how to handle it in "Family Business"! Also this week: 200th Episode Spectacular, drunk acting, and the Ferengi head shade! [Timestamps: "Explorers": 03:30; "Family Business": 41:56]

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