EP. 98 How To Be A Free-Thinker In An Influencer's World


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We live in a society that’s easily swayed by celebrities and social media influencers. At some point, we put these people so high up on pedestals that we started to look up to them for every single piece of advice. Then, when they show their human-side, when they screw up publicly -- or don’t show up socially, we feel personally let down. Why though?

In this episode, I’m walking you through my own thought process on this topic. I’m sharing about how let down I felt by Dave Ramsey’s lack of #BLM support, and how heart-broken I felt about Rachel Hollis’ divorce. But I’m also sharing why it’s important to remember that even influencers and celebrities are mere mortals, and that the true magic comes when we remember to form our own opinions and be free-thinkers.

  • Why “Keeping up with the influencers” is like “keeping up with Joneses 2.0”

  • Why “cancel culture” has been growing lately

  • Why it's normal to feel let down by people we look up to

  • My own thoughts on being disappointed with celebrities

  • How to break away from taking their opinions and actions as gospel truth, and remember that influencers are human too

  • Why it’s okay to be inspired, but always remember to stop and think for yourself


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