081: Plastics Renewal and Waste to Fuel with Brightmark's Bob Powell


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Bob Powell's dreams and vision about how we can leave the world a better place are being realized at Brightmark, the company he founded to change the way the world sees and manages its waste. As founder & CEO, Bob looks beyond what we are doing now to create the path for what we will realize many years in the future. Bob is passionate about solving the world’s most complex environmental problems with innovation and optimism. Prior to founding Brightmark in 2016, Bob spent the majority of his career working in the energy industry.

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In this episode Marjorie and Bob discuss:

  • How Brightmark uses all forms of plastic from every type of waste stream and creates circular renewed products
  • How Brightmark turns organic waste into fuel and what responses people have had over the years to this practice
  • What is the difference between methane and CO2 and their impact on the environment
  • Why banning ALL plastics isn't yet part of Bob's overall vision and why

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