Titan Up Podcast: Uncle Bernard Pollard & Vic Beasley Watch


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In this episode, Austin and Jack welcome former Titans safety and Patriot killer Uncle Bernard Pollard to talk about his career, the differences he sees in the organization today vs. when he played there, his thoughts on Taylor Lewan and Vic Beasley, what it was like to go from Super Bowl champ to (not that) Tennessee Titan, why he's now obsessed with NASCAR, and could he tackle Derrick Henry in his prime? Plus, the boys dig into Isaiah Wilson's Jim Harbaugh story, who the Titans should look at for kicker, and updates on both Clowney (J.D.) Watch and Vic Beasley Watch. 3:03 - Cancel Culture Has Come For Us 8:24 - Clowney (J.D.) Watch 2020 update 10:01 - Vic Beasley Watch 2020 update 14:54 - Uncle Bernard Pollard Interview 53:37 - Isaiah Wilson’s Jim Harbaugh Story 59:54 - Time To Talk Kickers 1:09:41 - Nashville Media Beef?

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