Baby Sleep Q&A with Arielle Greenleaf of Expect to Sleep Again | Ep. 24


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Whoever said, "sleep like a baby", has obviously never had a baby! Baby sleep is a hot topic in the mom world for good reason. It can often feel like a puzzle that is missing several pieces. Long nights, short naps, and a tired mom and baby can lead to total exhaustion. That is exactly why we are so stoked to have had the honor to interview sleep expert and owner of Expect to Sleep Again, Arielle Greenleaf. After struggling with her own daughter's sleep, Arielle felt inspired to support families through the process of finding better sleep for all. In this interview, we first tackle the controversial topic of "sleep training", which we both agreed is a terrible phrase for helping baby learn to sleep independently. Next up, a Q&A based on your questions! We tackle: - Help! My 2 week old won’t nap anywhere but on me, normal? Any gentle ways to ease towards naps in the bassinet? - What is “sleeping through the night” and how can the age babies begin to do so vary? - Dream feeds, yay or nay? - Sleep props, what to use, skip, and when to ditch: Doc a tot Merlin Paci game White noise Snoo? - Myth busting sleep regressions, what are they, what ages are most common and how can you handle while staying sane? - 4-6 month old baby only naps 31 minutes, why?? How can we lengthen short naps? - How to navigate a baby's sleep once they start daycare if it’s not your ideal schedule? - What are signs for when to drop a nap and tips during the transitions? Specifically the 2-1 transition. - 6+ month old babies are still waking up to nurse frequently overnight, habit vs hunger? - Teething and sleep, what’s the deal? - Early morning wakings, what to troubleshoot? You can find Arielle and her knowledgable team of sleep coaches on IG @expecttosleepagain and on her website, As always, you can find us on IG and Thanks for listening! If you have a moment, please leave us a 5-star rating and review. It helps to share our community with others.

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