Black Motherhood, Adoption and Building Community with Nefertiti Austin |Ep. 28


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Mackenzie had the honor of interviewing author and memoirist Nefertiti Austin, whose work focuses on amplifying diverse voices in motherhood. Her memoir, Motherhood So White, is an Amazon bestseller that offers a profound look into her childhood and upbringing, including her own Black adoption. Additionally, Motherhood So White dives deep into Nefertiti’s adoption of her two Black children as a single mother. Her powerful perspective informs and educates her readers while offering them an intimate look at her unique journey, as well as giving voice to the motherhood experience of Black mothers in a broader sense. Mackenzie and Nefertiti chat through a variety of topics, including: - Her motivation for writing her best selling book. (linked below) - Her journey into adoption and what advice she would give to a parent seeking adoption to start a family. - The concept of showing weakness as a mother and why it does not serve us as women and mothers. - The importance of community in motherhood. - How we as white mothers, can be better allies to women of color. - Her favorite parts of being a mother. - What is next in her professional journey. Please check out these links to sites mentioned in the podcast: - NYT Article: - Find her book on Amazon: You can find Nefertiti Austin online at and on social media @nefertitiaustin. As always, thanks for listening! You can find us online at and on IG @abcsofmatrescence.

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