Goal setting in 2021: Do we dare?! | Episode 37


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2021 is here! New year, new us. Right? Err probably not. The Emma and Mackenzie's of years past might have set lofty goals that mostly focused on losing weight or getting super fit. These days? I'd say our goals are a bit more realistic and maybe a touch less self-involved. #realtalk In this episode, the co-hosts first make an EXCITING announcement! Yes, you have to listen to hear. Next, they breeze through why 2021 is off to a crappy start. New year, same 2020 insanity. Some things never change I suppose. Mackenzie and Emma also share an update on their breastfeeding journeys. In short, they are DONE! Free the nipples! Finally, the ladies share their goals for 2021. This year they are focused on family, marriage, being better mothers, self-care, and saving their sanity however necessary. As always, thanks for listening. We'd SO appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a rating and review. You can find us on IG @abcsofmatresence.

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