Motherhood, Marriage and the Modern Dilemma with Dr. Molly Millwood | Ep. 33


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We had the honor of interviewing Dr. Molly Millwood, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, author, and mama. Mackenzie and Emma first discovered Dr. Millwood's work after reading her amazing book, To Have and To Hold. This is absolutely a must-read book for any expectant or new mother. In To Have and to Hold, Dr. Millwood shares an exploration of the emotional complexities, both internal and within marriage, women face after becoming mothers. She explores the complex terrain of new motherhood, illuminating the ways it affects women psychologically, emotionally, physically, and professionally—as well as how it impacts their partnership. Along with the arrival of a bundle of joy come thorny issues such as self-worth, control, autonomy, and dependency. And for most new mothers, these issues are experienced within the context of an intimate relationship, adding another layer of tension, conflict, and confusion to an already challenging time. We hope you enjoy this honest conversation with Dr. Millwood, as we dive into her story, research, and life-changing book. You can find Dr. Millwood and her work at Episode References: For show notes: she references an organization that support women in the postpartum period: Postpartum Support International She also mentions Psychology Today as the site to go to in order to find a therapist near you (with lots of options for filtering based on specialty and location etc): Her website is: Insta handle: Her book "To Have and to Hold: Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern Dilemma" is available wherever books are sold. Specifically, if you wish to purchase the book through an Independent Bookstore, you can check out Thanks for listening! You can find us as or on IG @abcsofmatrescence.

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