Navigating Partnership in New Parenthood | Ep. 29


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Mackenzie and Emma are back to chat all about navigating partnership in parenthood. Whether you are sharing parental duties within a marriage, partnership, or even family dynamic. The shifts to co-parenting is a challenge. The ladies open up about their marriages during the early days as first-time mamas. Including lessons learned and practical tips for pregnant moms heading into the fourth trimester. Topics Include: - What were the expectations prior to becoming pregnant about the role their husbands would have? - What role did they have during pregnancy? - What would they do differently for baby number two? - The role their spouses played during birth and immediately after bringing baby home. - The importance of being intentional about how they can help in the first few months and how they both somewhat dropped the ball and took on more of an “I can do it all” approach. - Practical tips for ways to get the partner involved during those first few weeks to support mom and baby. - Why it’s so important to support bonding between partner and baby from the beginning, especially in circumstances where mom is exclusively breast-feeding - How they have currently found a rhythm in communicating with their partners. As always, thanks for listening. If you have a chance, please take the time to leave us a rating and review. You can find us on IG @abcsofmatrescence or at

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