The Family That COVIDs Together, Stays Together: Mackenzie's Experience with COVID-19| Ep. 25


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The cat's out of the bag. Mackenzie and family had COVID! Thankfully, they all have (mostly) made a full recovery and she was kind enough to share their story. Along with the normal laughs you'd expect from these co-hosts. In this episode, Mackenzie shares a rundown of their experience. Including: - How they assume they got it - First signs and symptoms - Getting tested - The severity of symptoms and timeline of how they progressed and regressed - How they are feeling now Next, Mackenzie shares the biggest challenges for her family during this time: - AKA taking care of a toddler!! - Basic cooking/cleaning doesn't stop - The physical symptoms, aka sick AF - The mental worry and depression What advice would they give to other families trying to get through COVID: - Isolate from the positive family member, if you can, to prevent a sick household - Cancel plans if you have any symptoms or direct exposure. - Backtrack to let those you've been in contact with know your situation - Find a quick test option & chat with PCP - Take care of yourself!! Hydrate, eat, order in and rest as much as possible. - Get a PulseOx to monitor breathing - Stay mentally strong!! Next up, Mackenzie shares what's changed for her family post-COVID: - Being more fearful of older family members being exposed - Frustration with the testing process. Especially for frontline workers and their families - Misinformation around how the virus is spread and ways to prevent - A dose of respect for how serious this can before people of all ages Finally, Mackenzie shares her takeaways: - Thank your frontline workers!! - Wear a dang mask. Seriously. - Support others who might go through this or another illness. It's really hard! As always, thanks for listening. You can find us on IG @abcsofmatrescence and

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