Troubleshooting Toddler Sleep with Arielle Greenleaf from Expect to Sleep Again | Ep. 31


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In this episode, Emma and Mackenize are excited to welcome back their go-to sleep consultant, Arielle Greenleaf, of Expect to Sleep Again and Restfully Sleep. The ladies had the honor of interviewing Arielle in episode 24, where they chatted about all things baby sleep. In this episode, Emma and Arielle dive into a listener Q&A to troubleshoot common sleep challenges that occur during the toddler stage of development. This is a must-listen episode for anyone in depths of or nearing the toddler age of parenthood. Topics include: - Average # of hours of nighttime sleep that a toddler needs? -Toddler napping challenges: *Common age to drop naps? *How to handle skipped napped? *When should you cap naps to not impact nighttime sleep? - What age should you move a toddler out of the crib? What are the signs and do we really have to???? ;) - How to handle the separation anxiety that can occur during the toddler age? -How to work through a toddler using delay tactics to avoid bedtime? - Nightmares and night terrors? Are they a thing and anything parents can do to help resettle an upset toddler? - What to do when a kiddo wakes up saying they are hungry and/or thirsty? What to look at and how to tackle? - Any tips to keep sleep intact during potty training? - Early morning wakings: *Toddler getting out of bed and wandering? *Are “OK to wake up” clocks helpful? *Should you let them cry a little and hope they resettle? *Adjust naps accordingly? - Do you frequently see sleep regressions when baby #2 comes home? - How soon can you put baby #2 in the room with the toddler? - What is the way to deal with room sharing when baby #2 arrives? - How to balance new baby crying/sleep training etc while not waking up your toddler? You can Arielle and her sleep consultant team on IG @expecttosleepagain and As always, you can find Mackenzie and Emma on IG @abcsofmatrescence. Thanks for listening!

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