Welcome to Season 2! Mackenzie and Emma Chat Life Lately and What's to Come| Ep.26


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Welcome to Season 2! Mackenzie and Emma are back with a fun catch up episode to kickoff a new season of @abcsofmatrescence. This episode begins with an introduction for our new listeners. Mackenzie and Emma share about themselves, their families, where they live, how they met, and what made them start the podcast. Next up, a little life lately catch-up conversation. - COVID updates - Daycare/school decisions - Fall travel fails In this episode, our co-hosts also recapped some of their favorite and must-listen episodes from season one: - They discuss the topic of hypothalamic amenorrhea in episode 4, where Mackenzie and Emma share their personal journeys. They were also honored to have Dr. Rinaldi from No Period Now What share her HA expertise. - Episode 7 was a great episode with Tina Haupert from @carrotsncake on ulcerative colitis, life on social, and motherhood. - In season 1, Mackenzie and Emma tackle breastfeeding with IBCLC Alisha Peterson in episode 10. While also sharing their breastfeeding experiences in episode 9. - A popular topic of body image and fueling women’s heath was covered in episode 12 with Lindsey Lusson of @food.freedom.fertility. They also dived into HA body image with Jess Dalliday from @thehealthysweetpotato in episode 18. Mackenzie and Emma also share their struggles and victories with body image in episode 18. - We took a deep dive into Matrescence with Clémentine Sarlat (@clemsarlat) in episode 14 from the podcast @lamatrescence. - We were honored to have amazing women open up about their motherhood experienced, starting with @Safia_Tellal chatting motherhood around the world in episode 19. LaWann Moses (@morethanamotherpodcast) shared all about being more than a mother, black motherhood, and much more in episode 21. - The girls chat their own baby sleep woes and win in episode 23. They followed up that episode by having sleep expert Arielle Greenleaf (@expecttosleepbetter) on for a listener q&a in episode 24. Finally, the girls wrap up this welcome back episode with a little fun what we are loving lately. Foodie Finds: - Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook by Shalane Flanagan - The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen Self Care: - @Cocokind masks - The Original Kessa Hamman Scrubbing Glove Entertainment: - (Un)Well on Netflix - Book Club of the Month (@BOTM) Clothes for the boys: - Mini Boden + Gap - Cat & jack from Target + Burt’s bees pj’s Toys/Entertainment: - Green toys truck/helicopter + Hape puzzles - Melissa and Doug As always, thanks so much for listening. If you have a moment, please leave us a rating and review. It truly helps our community grow. You can find us online at www.abcsofmatrescence.com or on IG @abcsofmatrescence.

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