S05 E09 - Gentle Pushes from a Great Distance


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Bryan did not make a Burning Man festival. Missing the bandwagon. Self-aggrandizement and we. The tears of the Triangle Temple. Good tents are heavy tents. A handful of pills and three bananas. Post Temple exodus like rolled it. Shamelessly subbing. That quick-set cement lifestyle. Burning Man art all over California. California: always on fire. Weird year. Luck and $500 bucks. Letting it breathe. Thank you for the party. Being burnier than thou. Please don't climb Temple. #ClimbTheTemple. Tweets Camp. "Disaster" bags. Old gross food reviews. Saving our fellow citizens. Crash Fence. You got Ranger face. Also, suck at the teat of capital. Plus, please don't 3-D print d-day a beard.

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