AMP188: From to Voy Media: How Kevin Urrutia Switched Careers and Broke Into Marketing (and You Can Too)


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Stuck in a rut at work? Bored beyond belief? If you’re thinking about or wanting to change jobs and careers, consider the following: How long will it take to learn new skills? Will it affect your income? Are jobs available? Will it make you happy?

Today’s guest is Kevin Urrutia, a former software programmer at Mint that now runs the Voy Media marketing agency in New York City. Kevin knows exactly how some of you feel. He shares useful insights and nuggets of career development wisdom.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Why change careers? Curiosity, necessity, and desire to do what you do best
  • Mindset Shift: From tech hackathons to marketing startup and SEO skills
  • Facebook Advertising: Learn by doing to grow in marketing industry
  • Career Advice and Questions to Ask: What do you enjoy, even in tough times?
  • Strategies: How to do Facebook ads, SEO, Amazon—instead, start from scratch
  • Stay Connected: Keep up with what people are saying via social groups
  • Mistakes Made: Courses/coaches accelerate learning; avoid imposter syndrome


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