Ep. 90: How to Talk to Your Child About Their ADHD with Katelyn Mabry


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In Episode 90 of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, Tracy introduces you to Katelyn. Katelyn is a special educator who has her masters in Reading and is the author of the childrens’ book, “Hi It’s Me! I have ADHD!” She just launched a podcast for kids titled Journey With Me Through ADHD which is designed for children with ADHD to listen to and feel understood. Katelyn lives in Wisconsin with her husband and 4 young kids and passion is to speak into the hearts and minds of children and families with ADHD so feel connected and understood!

In this podcast Katelyn shares:

  • The circumstances surrounding her childhood diagnosis
  • The question that she was often asked by adults as a child that rocked her self-esteem
  • Why she decided to get a master’s degree in Reading
  • What made her start her new podcast for kids
  • How to talk to your kids about their ADHD in such a way that instills confidence in how their brain works?
  • How do you tell your child that he/she has ADHD?
  • The best way to talk about your child’s weaknesses?
  • How to teach your child to respond to other kids when they make inaccurate comments about ADHD?
  • How to work with you child on mindset
  • The “red dot” method
  • The importance of breaking things down into bite-sized pieces


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