Phil Jones


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Never in Phil’s wildest dreams did he think that he would own a property agency, let alone a highly successful one at that. After feeling lost and trying to find meaning to his life, he decided to take the plunge and get into real estate, and now the only way for him is up. Currently, Phil currently owns one of the most established real estate agencies in the country that was built on a foundation of hard work and utmost care for his clients. He has also successfully helped over 200+ real estate agencies around the UK through his fascinating business model. Phil is the founder of FireWave, which is a content marketing agency that has helped many real estate agencies effectively manage their promotions. Get to learn how Phil was able to stand out in the real estate industry despite his lack of knowledge and skills. With his humble approach to the way he handles his clients and his unique franchising model for the business, he tells us why being honest and hardworking is much more effective than lip service and trying to be like everyone else.

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