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🎥 AdLeaksTV Episode 2 🎥 (January 2nd - January 9th) ---------------- 🏡 HOUSEKEEPING 🏡 ⭐️ Winners of the December Contest ⭐️ 1st Place: Nicholas Harvey - 🎟 Ticket to one of Tim Burd's Masterminds or Retreat of choice. 2nd Place: Dan Waldrop - 5 months of free AdLeaks Platinum 3rd Place: Ken Marcin Nowak - AdLeaks Swag Box 📦 . ⭐️ Attention: Advertisers Spending 1M+ Per Month ⭐️ Going to start a round table - please contact Justin Brenner if you are spending over 1M a month . . . 🧠 FRIENDLY REMINDER 🧠 ⭐️ Set Up 2FA On Your Account ⭐️ By Zevi Heuberger PSA: Update your profile mobile number + add 2FA + Trusted Friends otherwise if something happens you could be screwed . 🗞 INDUSTRY NEWS 🗞 ⭐️ CBO Update!!! ⭐️ Shared by Scott Seward Q: What makes an ad account eligible for the February 2020 migration? A: Ad accounts will be eligible for the February 2020 migration as long as they are not using the API as their primary creation interface or incompatible features with CBO. Q: What features are incompatible with CBO? A: Currently, the following features are incompatible with CBO: · Mixed optimization goals with lowest cost bidding · Over 70 ad sets within a campaign · Evergreen campaigns (created 1+ year ago with no end date) Q: If my client is migrated to CBO in February, what will happen with their existing campaigns that use ad set level budgets? A: If advertisers have existing campaigns using ad set level budgets, those campaigns will continue to run as is after the migration. However, advertisers will have limited edit functionality for those campaigns. Q: Do we anticipate other migrations after February 2020? A: Yes, there will be some ad accounts that will not be eligible for the February 2020 migration if they are using incompatible features or the API as the primary creation interface. We expect to have all accounts using CBO exclusively by 2021. . ⭐️ [ARTICLE] Cambridge Analytica Leak “Shows Global Manipulation if Out of Control” ⭐️ Shared by Nicholas Harvey Exposes manipulation similar to the UK and US going on in over 68 countries around the world and all signs point to things getting worse not better. They also exposed a bunch of ways Cambridge Analytica has set up networks of shell companies to funnel “dark money” into political campaigns - very interesting read! . ⭐️ FB Annual Report 2019: The State of Disruption ⭐️ Shared by Tabish Bhimani Convenience takes the cake - Time is money 59% of people sometimes choose convenience over a lower price $213B is lost or deferred annually from friction 84% of people won’t shop with a brand anymore after just one bad experience Screen size is mattering less and less and younger generations migrate towards smartphones and tablets and further away from traditional TV Mission level marketing is increasingly important and forms deeper bonds with your customers BUILD A COMMUNITY AROUND YOUR BRAND Machine learning is getting more and more prevalent and important - just focus your marketing team more on other things like better creatives, better client management etc etc Creatives: Tell mobile first stories Fight for every second of viewer time Recent studies show it takes only 400ms for a consumers brand to form an imprint about your ad, positive or negative and they have an emotional response in the time it takes for one heart beat Facebook recommends video and static together in one campaign for best performance . ⭐️ [ARTICLE] IBM Launches “Advertising Accelerator” With Watson⭐️ Shared by Josh Graham Watson, IBM’s AI is coming to Advertising management with the Advertising Accelerator Basically its more personalized, more targeted etc. It did not list where these ads would be seen. I would assume it would plug in to display inventory but we shall see! . ⭐️ Manychat Launching SMS and Email Channels with Full Support ⭐️ Shared by Rutger Thole Very cool! Manychat is going over to a full stop SMS and Email automation platform so you won’t be forced to use only Facebook messenger anymore! I can’t wait for these changes personally and look forward to checking it out! . . . 📹 VIDEO EDUCATIONAL POSTS 📹 ⭐️ SEO On Fire (Part 1) - The Basics ⭐️ (27 mins) By Marty Marion Great video about a half hour long all about SEO, too much to cover in AdLeaksTV but definitely a great watch if you want to up your SEO game! . ⭐️ YouTube Conversion Tags ⭐️ (14 mins) By Nicholas Ayers You can use conversion tags now with YouTube ads Conversion tags are like standard pixel events basically This is one thing that helps you scale! We look forward to more from Nicholas Ayers on YouTube ads! . ⭐️ Creative Ad Ideas for 2020 Inspiration ⭐️ (19 mins) By Jeff Minnichbach Great post about all the major Ad Styles Jeff has seen be very successful Disclaimer: He used MVMT as an example because he loves the brand, not because he did those creatives Ad Style #1 – Scrolling Product Ad (1:55) The idea was to have a large model photo on the left, some small scrolling thumbnails in the middle, and text on the right. Ad Style #2 – Animated Book/E-Book Ad (3:51) This is a great way to show any kind of book/e-book in a creative way. Much more appealing and attention-grabbing than just showing a static image of a book. Ad Style #3 – Product Highlights Ad (5:16) This was made from a static lifestyle photo, but we added animated dashed lines outlining the seams of the jeans and use animated lines and text to highlight features. Ad Style #4 – Custom Video Holder (6:50) This was mostly a graphic-based ad and we created a video holder where brands could run an actual video ad inside of the placeholder and also have products slowly scrolling & changing across the footer. Ad Style #5 – Animated Popup Style Ad (8:48) This was a video I did for a national conference for the A&E Flip This House stars to drive sales for their seminars. I call this an animated popup style ad where we layered the video in Photoshop and have all the different elements popping up in sequence. Ad Style #6 – Cinemagraph (10:18) On this was we actually removed the ocean from the book and replaced it with actual video footage of moving water. It matched almost perfectly. These cinemagraph style ads are great for grabbing attention and I am pretty sure there are still many apps out there than can make these. Ad Style #7 – Rotating Speakers Ad (11:45) If you are hosting/participating in any kind of upcoming events, here’s a great way to show off the speakers in a single asset to avoid needing all sorts of images of carousel ads to do so. We used After Effects to make the speakers rotate around with the appropriate names changing & appearing too. Ad Style #8 – Animated Book/E-Book Ad (Advanced) (12:50) Just like the #2 Ad Style except way more advanced. There are some After Effects templates out there these can be done through and are a great way to show off any kind of multi-page document or physical book. Ad Style #9 – Rotating Product Ad (14:30) If you can take photos of different angles of your product, you can make these. We stitched together a ton of photos from TRUECar and then put them all together to make a 360-degree spinning video ad for their Employee Buying Program through Sam’s Club. Ad Style #10 – Video Ad from Static Photos (16:05) Jeff is still a huge believer in making animated style videos for products or services that only have photos and no video footage. You don’t need high end videos just to make a video ad and this example will show you how we took photographs and added in our own moving pieces to bring more “life” to it and give the illusion of video. Thanks Jeff for the awesome share! ⭐️ How to Use a Messenger Bot to Segment Subscribers ⭐️ (13 mins) By Rutger Thole In this video, Rutger walks you through the exact steps on how you can use a messenger bot to segment subscribers. This flow is built to be "bulletproof" and to incentive subscribers to give us more information. Based on this info you are able to create micro-segments that we can use to create highly relevant micro-campaigns that target these subscribers with ads, SMS, email and messenger. Great video I highly recommend you check it out! ⭐️ Multi-Country Catalogs ⭐️ (6 mins) By Gil David Great post by Gil David about how to make multi country catalogs Facebook released this functionality not long ago and in a nutshell, it means you can display ads from one single product catalog in whatever currency or language best suits the users seeing your ads (without having to pay extra for dedicated apps to try and accomplish a similar thing or have 10 different catalogs set up for each individual country). This means you can combine all data under one catalog which should, in theory, also improve the quality of any audiences you generate from that catalog 🚀 👉 It's also now Facebook's recommended catalog setup for anyone advertising globally. How do you do this? Create secondary 'override' feeds that will override either the currency, language (or both) of your main product feed Upload them as secondary feeds to your catalog Debug and check it's all good to go Serve better, more customized DPA to your audiences across the globe 🔥 Great video walkthrough Gil thank you! . 📝 TEXT EDUCATIONAL POSTS 📝 ⭐️ How I Use Facebook to Create a Lifestyle Business! ⭐️ By Kevin Porter Kevin saw a post saying “"I want to spend more time watching Netflix and chilling" and loved it! Most of us get into this business to have a higher quality life and spend more time with family and loved ones and for many of us, myself included, this hasn’t always been the outcome 1) Apply Paretos 20/80! You've probably heard it loads of times... "20% of what you do, accounts to 80% of your result!" -Hire someone to do the easier tasks like email lists, building our creatives, upping tests, etc so you can focus on scaling Automate your scale .Test a lot of creatives, when you hit desired CPA start scaling Kevin usually starts with 2 campaigns with 5 ad sets with all big audiences and all different audiences, then he begins duping and scaling out to new audiences and new bid strategies Set up your automated rules using revealbot! For details on these I recommend you check out my video in the units on automation rules I always use Try to make as much as you can recurring - Im a big believer of this as well and Kevin even does it with his digital course! Scale! Don’t overcomplicate it! (I personally recommend shotgun for scaling big, there’s a video on this in the units also!) ⭐️ Easily View and Download a Complete Export of Where Your Ads Appeared ⭐️ By Saharsh Mittal Did you know 💡 You can easily view and download a complete export of where your Facebook ads appeared including impressions? The list covers Audience Network and Pages that published articles or videos your ads appeared in. Use this list to check relevance and quality and block certain publishers that don't align with your brand. . ⭐️ Adding a Sticky Link to Your Site ⭐️ By Ken Marcin Nowak We have all heard of sticky buttons that stay on the bottom of the screen as you scroll, Ken suggests doing a non obtrusive sticky “link” at the bottom, really cool idea! . ⭐️ Google Responsive Search Ads Overview ⭐️ By David Sharpe Great post by one of our partners AdZooma about google responsive search ads or RSAs They are basically like dynamic creatives where you can do multiple headlines, texts etc and Google rotates them and “learns” what works best for you At Adzooma, when they beta tested RSAs they saw an increase in CTR and conversion rate. In effect, responsive search ads share similarities with split testing and dynamic ads If you have no clue what Adzooma is, in a nutshell, they’re an online advertising management platform. Using our technology, you can easily find smarter ways to optimise your Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads. They are a great platform and an official AdLeaks partner so I highly recommend you give them a try! There is a special deal for AdLeakers also for 25% off for life!! Thanks David!! . ⭐️ $416K at a 6.5X Return in 60 Days ⭐️ By Christiaan Vermeulen Really great post by Christiaan here He covers: How to use new collections and new item launches How to use sales and flash sales to boost your overall sales and profitability How to use ‘signalling’ as part of your overall strategy to boost sales The idea behind selling collections instead of products Besides that he covers some Facebook-specific points: How to positively influence your CPM The creative testing system we use to find winning products and creative fast What creatives we saw work best and what we focused on The way we setup our warm audiences and retargeting for extra boosts in sales The CBO structure we used to achieve these results and some tricks Definitely recommend you guys read this post, link above the video, its very informative and actionable! . . ❓ GENERAL QUESTIONS ❓ . ⭐️ How Can I Make Sure Only 1 Purchase Pixel Fires Per User? ⭐️ ⭐️ Does Dropshipping Still Work? ⭐️ . ⭐️ Favorite Way to Manage Multiple Languages on a Shopify Site? ⭐️ 🏆 Top Recommendation: Weglot . ⭐️ Clickfunnels for An Ecom Store? ⭐️ . ⭐️ (THREAD) How Do You Handle a Campaign That Tanks for 3 Days? ⭐️ First I examine metrics like CTR, CPC, conversion rate etc to determine why the ROAS dropped. Then usually: Dupe creatives step one. Step two new creatives Step three new targeting or landing page . . . This has been episode 2 of AdLeaksTV, this is your host Tim Burd. You stay classy AdLeakers!

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