Episode 128: Homeless Gospel Choir, Angelica Garcia, Sargean X Comrade, Samantha Crain, SG Goodman, Karima Walker and Katy Kirby, Star de Azlan, Eddie and the Cruisers, The Savants of Soul, Paul Sanchez, Emily Winter, Cold Chocolate


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Sometimes you just need to take a mental health break! It’s all good...we have a refrigerator on the way. Also, I’m starting a new thing! I’m going to feature an album each episode! Album of the Week: Samantha Crain -- A Small Death Americana is becoming more expansive as the people who started the millennium off playing punk with a twang move on to more challenging terrain. Crain’s A Small Death is a wide-ranging album that dabbles in jazz and electronic music. Fellow Tulsa singer-songwriter John Calvin Abney is along for the ride and adds some more cosmic layering to Crain’s gorgeous songwriting. It’s an astonishing synthesis of Crain’s explorations into pop and her folk roots and easily one of my favorite album this year.
  1. Homeless Gospel Choir -- “Don’t Compare” (This Land is Your Landfill)
  2. Angelica Garcia -- “Guadalupe" (Cha Cha Palace)
  3. Sargeant X Comrade -- “Take Me Higher (Who Let the Devil In)” (Single)
  4. Samantha Crain -- “An Echo” (A Small Death)
  5. SG Goodman -- “The Way I Talk” (Old Time Feeling)
  6. Karima Walker and Katy Kirby -- “Idaho - Dakota” (Single)
  7. Star de Azlan -- “A Man Who Can Dance” (Single)
  8. John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band -- “Tender Years” (Eddie and the Cruisers Soundtrack)
  9. The Savants of Soul -- “More Than One to Choose From” (Single)
  10. Paul Sanchez -- “A Thousand Songs” (I’m a Song, I’m a Story, I’m a Ghost)
  11. Emily Winter -- “Dear Emily” (Single)
  12. Cold Chocolate -- “Follow Far Behind” (Down the Line)
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