Episode 136: Waylon Payne, Matt Woods, Heather Valley, Vi Redd, Renee Rosnes, Tennessee Jet, Namoli Brennett, Sally Anne Morgan, Russell Patterson, Pseudo Cool, Raye Zaragoza, Bad Mother Nature, NQ Arbuckle


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The refrigerator saga concludes! Also, jazz, country, and punk -- and it all works, I promise! Contribute to the Rainbow Rodeo Kickstarter here! Album of the Week: Matt Woods -- Mornings After Matt Woods’ new EP Mornings After is signature Woods: his powerhouse vocals make the stories of small peoples’ pain operatic in scope. Woods can crank it up and get people dancing as well as anybody, all with a twinkle of his eyes and a workingman’s righteous fury. But on Mornings After, as the title suggests, Woods slows things down a bit, giving us one of his more contemplative works to date. Mornings After has a little more country soul than his past few releases, but all of the heart and explosive energy you can expect from Woods. With Glossary’s Joey Kneiser as producer, you know that the EP is as genuine as beautifully engineered as they come.
  1. Waylon Payne -- “Back From the Grave” (Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me)
  2. Matt Woods -- “Take It Slow” (Mornings After EP)
  3. Heather Valley -- “That’s How I Got To Memphis” (Single)
  4. Vi Redd -- “I Remember Bird” (Bird Call)
  5. Renee Rosnes -- “The Sounds Around the House” (Ancestors)
  6. Tennessee Jet -- “Off to War” (The Country)
  7. Namoli Brennett -- “The Whiskey Don’t Help” (The Simple Life)
  8. Sally Anne Morgan -- “Polly On the Shore” (Thread)
  9. Russell Patterson -- “Empty Road” (Single)
  10. Pseudo Cool -- “Modern Man” (Single)
  11. Raye Zaragoza -- “The It Girl” (Single)
  12. Bad Mother Nature -- “Time to Run” (Single)
  13. NQ Arbuckle -- “Love Songs For the Long Game” (Single)
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