Episode 140: The Savants of Soul, R McClure & Tall Shadows, Jean-Luc Swift, Buck n Sunny, Olivia Ellen Lloyd, Drayton Farley, Great Peacock, Ron Pope, Dawn Riding, The Roland High Life, Izzy Heltai, American Darling Valve, Greater Bird of Paradise, Front


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Rachel’s students are getting creative, but not in the ways you’d want them to. Also, hi everyone in India! Album of the Week: Izzy Heltai -- Father I’ve been a supporter of Izzy’s since he first sent me a song through SubmitHub all on his own. For his first album, though, Heltai pulled out the big guns -- and deservedly so. Father is nothing if not emotionally naked -- a study in painterly lyrics, and Heltai’s theatrical delivery doesn’t hurt either. What stands out most, though, is the album’s lush production, an impressive demonstration of vision and control for a debut album. My interview with Izzy will be out on Country Queer Spotlight in a few weeks, and there you’ll be able to learn more about his workman-like approach to writing, and how his experience as a trans man has impacted his work as a musician.
  1. The Savants of Soul -- “Swell” (The Savants of Soul)
  2. R McClure & Tall Shadows -- “If Your Heart Starts A Wanderin’” (Never Love Me Again)
  3. Jean-Luc Swift -- “Uncle Bill’s New York City Lament” (New York City Lament)
  4. Buck n Sunny -- “We Were Meant to Be” (The Absolute Truth)
  5. Olivia Ellen Lloyd -- “Emily” (Single)
  6. Drayton Farley -- “Keep Country Music Sad” (Sweet Southern Sadness)
  7. Great Peacock -- “All I Ever Do” (Forever Worse Better)
  8. Ron Pope -- “A Little More Love” (feat. Von Grey) (Single)
  9. Dawn Riding -- “The Difference” (Single)
  10. The Roland High Life -- “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both Of Our Sadness” (Songs About Comic Books & Mid-30s Malaise)
  11. Izzy Heltai -- “Songbird” (Father)
  12. American Darling Valve -- “No More” (Eclipse EP)
  13. Greater Bird of Paradise -- “Uriel” (Single)
  14. Front Country -- “Amerikan Dream” (Single)
  15. Malena Cadiz -- “Hey There, Oblivion” (Single)
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