Episode 153: Two Cow Garage, Dan Whitaker, Oklahoma Uprising, Jeremy Parsons, Donal Hinley, Strays Don't Sleep, Andrew Leahey & The Homestead, The Freight, Tibe d'Oro, Jackie Venson, Mic Harrison and the High Score, Snack Cat, Robert Connelly Farr, Slim H


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New year, new intro! This week is a fun grab-bag of singles and deep cuts from albums I enjoyed in 2020. In case you missed it, you can listen to my interview with Mike West on Into the Van!
  1. Two Cow Garage -- “History Now” (Brand New Flag)
  2. Dan Whitaker -- “Movin’ On With You” (Movin’ On With You)
  3. Oklahoma Uprising -- “Karma” (High Sign)
  4. Jeremy Parsons -- “Things to Come” (Things to Come)
  5. Donal Hinley -- “Couldn’t Breath” (Diary of a Snowflake)
  6. Strays Don’t Sleep -- “Hope is a Love Song” (A Short Film For a Long Story EP)
  7. Andrew Leahey & the Homestead -- “Until There’s Nothing But Air” (Single)
  8. The Freight -- “Fish & a Bike” (Single)
  9. Tibe d’Oro -- “x + x” (x+x = 1)
  10. Jackie Venson -- “Go My Way” (Vintage Machines)
  11. Mic Harrison and the High Score -- “Bright Spot” (Bright Spot)
  12. Snack Cat -- “Breaking Point” (Single)
  13. Robert Connely Farr -- “If It Was Up To Me” (Country Supper)
  14. Slim Hanson and the Poor Choices -- “I Can Hear You Cryin’” (Bustin’ Broncs and Honky Tonks)
  15. Axel O -- “Not Built For Love” (Single)
  16. Mariel Buckley -- “No Surprise” (Single)
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