Episode 155: Tucker Riggleman and the Cheap Dates, King Commoner, Bubblewands, Leah and the Truth, Pony Bradshaw, Ghalia Volt, Hugh Phillips, Melissa Erin, Lilly Winwood, Saugeye, Eric Church, Nellen Dryden, Mother Juniper, Interview w/ Bronte Fall


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As always, this episode is PACKED with country, punk, blues, pretty much anything you want. Bella co-hosts, plus we get an interview with the delightful Bronte Fall! Album of the Week: Pony Bradshaw -- Calico Jim This album is rife with intensely passionate songwriting and a true sense of place. On Calico Jim, Pony Bradshaw explores the underbelly of Appalachia -- and a path for the future. These are punk rock lyrics with traditional backing, a potent combination in Bradshaw’s hands -- add in the emotional conviction in his performance and you’ve got an electric combination. I’ve added this song to my 2021 Album of the Year list as one I’ll return to next winter. This week’s episode is sponsored by the Choose Your Struggle podcast. Listen to real-life people share their struggles with addiction and mental health and #EndTheStigma today.
  1. Tucker Riggleman & the Cheap Dates -- “Curtain” (Alive and Dying Fast)
  2. King Commoner -- “Everyone That I Know” (Love Travels Light)
  3. Bubblewands -- “Astronaut” (Single)
  4. Leah and the Truth -- “Modern Disease” (Single)
  5. Pony Bradshaw -- “Dope Mountain”(Calico Jim)
  6. Ghalia Volt -- “Can’t Escape”(One Woman Band)
  7. Hugh Phillips -- “Jack Devise” (It’s Been a Long Time)
  8. Melissa Erin -- “Settle on Down” (Single)
  9. Lilly Winwood -- “Few More Records” (Time Well Spent)
  10. Saugeye -- “Dirt On Your Hands” (Saugeye)
  11. Eric Church -- “Doing Life With Me” (Single)
  12. Nellen Dryden -- “Come On Honey” (Standstill)
  13. Mother Juniper -- “Carolina” (Single)
INTERVIEW: Bronte Fall Featured music from her EP Finishing School:
  • “Six Years”
  • “White Dress”
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