Episode 163: Vivian Leva, Riley Calcagno, Ontarians, Rosie Cima, Dirty Bird, Mac Leaphart, Semler, The Octobers, Fee Doyle, Lainey Wilson, Oh Susannah, Bill Mallonee, Adeem the Artist, Clark Naito


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I won the Self-Made Indie Podcaster Award for Best Female Host and Best Music Podcast! Thank you so much!!!

I was super busy this week what with applying to grad school and learning how to be a social animal again! This week has some awesome music, so let’s get into it! Album of the Week: Semler -- Preacher’s Kid I don’t have Grace Baldridge’s experience of growing up queer and Evangelical, but you don’t need to be Christian to have shame around being queer. Before I get into the album, I do want to point out that Baldridge pulled a Lil Nas X and listed this album under Christian music -- after all, it is about their experience with the religion. And it’s music. And it has since shot up to #1 of the Apple Music Christian charts. Maybe it’s Baldridge’s gravelly voice; maybe it’s the way they expertly intertwine their experiences of pain, humor, awkwardness, and empowerment. Whatever your background, this is an album that gently reminds you of the queer shame you felt going up, that maybe you still haven’t abandoned, and celebrates with righteous joy that we made it through.
  1. Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno -- “Biding All My Time” (Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno)
  2. Ontarians -- “No Regrets” (The Greatest Short Story Never Told)
  3. Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed -- “Stuck” (Realm of the Warring Gods)
  4. Dirty Bird -- “Thunder Don’t Run” (For the Time Being)
  5. Mac Leaphart -- “That Train” (Music City Joke)
  6. Semler -- “Jesus From Texas” (Preacher’s Kid)
  7. The Octobers -- “Rip Van Winkle” (Single)
  8. Fee Doyle -- “My Previous Life” (Trail Markers)
  9. Lainey Wilson -- “Neon Diamonds” (Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’)
  10. Oh Susannah -- “Pretty Blue Eyes” (Soon the Birds)
  11. Bill Mallonee -- “Everybody Does (A Clamoring of Ghosts)
  12. Adeem the Artist -- “I Never Came Out” (Cast Iron Pansexual)
  13. Clark Naito -- “Pen Ken Pan” (Single)
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