Episode 165: Elizabeth King, Cristina Vane, Kai Mata, Henry Conlon, Valerie June, Hope Dunbar, Scott Making Cents, Andrew Waite, al Riggs, Amina Shareef Ali, The Barker Brothers, Claire Kelly, Interview w/ Hey, King!


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It’s episode 165 of Adobe & Teardrops! Thanks for sticking with me! Well, everything is coming up Rachel this week. I’ve been on spring break. I joined a fantasy baseball league. I joined a queer softball league. Opening day is in less than an hour as I record this. We might be moving into a 2-bedroom apartment in the same building. Oh yeah -- things are good. Also, an interview with Hey, King! Album of the Week: Hope Dunbar -- Sweetheartland Hope Dunbar’s Sweetheartland. This is the kind of music I’ve been looking for since I started Adobe & Teardrops. Dunbar has an awesome heartland rock sound while staying true to herself, something that, frankly, I haven’t seen many women who go for that sound really succeed at. She’s a great storyteller, which we’ll hear on “What Were You Thinking,” and can really pull out the stops with “Evacuate,” which Patreon subscribers will hear.
  • Elizabeth King -- “Living in the Last Days” (Living in the Last Days) (2:46)
  • Cristina Vane -- “Blueberry Hill” (Nowhere Sounds Lovely) (5:55)
  • Kai Mata -- “Wine” (Single) (9:55)
  • Henry Conlon -- “Lucy” (Single) (13:59)
  • Valerie June -- “Stay” (The Moon and the Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers) (19:00)
  • Hope Dunbar -- “What Were You Thinking” (Sweetheartland) (22:01)
  • Scott Making Cents -- “Profile Picture” (Dog EP) (25:28)
  • Andrew Waite -- “Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That” (Single) (28:55)
  • al Riggs -- “Ragged But Right” (I Got A Big Electric Fan To Keep Me Cool While I Sleep) (33:20)
  • Amina Shareef Ali -- “Honest Song” (In The Dark (Awake Of Course)) (36:33)
  • The Barker Brothers -- “Thinkin’ June” (Single) (39:41)
  • Claire Kelly -- “The Restless and the Reckless” (The Scenic Route) (42:39)
  • Hey, King! -- Interview and “Half Alive.” (Read the rest of the interview here.) (47:26)
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