Episode 185: Adobe & Teardrops' 10th Anniversary and Top 10 of 2021 (John Moreland, The Sparklers, Two Cow Garage, NQ Arbuckle, Norma MacDonald, Anna Tivel, Karen and the Sorrows, Mariel Buckley, Jason Hawk Harris, Stephanie Lambring, Doc Feldman, Maia Sh


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Hey, gang. I got a little tied up with finals and never made a December episode for Adobe & Teardrops. That’s embarrassing, because December 8th is Adobe & Teardrops’ tenth anniversary! I begin with a an all-time top 10 countdown for the last 10 years of Adobe & Teardrops. Then, at the 42-minute mark, I do my top 10 of 2021. See below for time stamps. Also! I am fundraising for Never Again Action, a Jewish-led immigrant rights group. For every $100 we raise, I release a new song. Check out the videos that have already been posted and the donation link here. You'll also find an episode transcript there. Before I begin, thank you so much for supporting Adobe & Teardrops for all these years. I wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for you.

(3:46) 2011 – John Moreland – “Low” (Everything the Hard Way)

(6:10) 2012 – The Sparklers – “Gunfire and Confetti” (Crying at the Low Bar)

(9:19) 2013 – Two Cow Garage – “Stars & Gutters” (Death of the Self-Preservation Society) (11:36) 2014 – N.Q. Arbuckle – “Hospitals” (The Future Happens Anyway) (15:00) 2015 – Norma MacDonald – “Blue As a Jay” (Burn the Tapes) (20:47) 2016 – Anna Tivel – “Black Balloon” (Heroes Waking Up) (25:23) 2017 – Karen and the Sorrows – “The Price of the Ticket” (The Narrow Place) (29:46) 2018 – Mariel Buckley – “I Wonder” (Driving in the Dark) (33:08) 2019 – Jason Hawk Harris – “Giving In” (Love & The Dark) (37:19) 2020 – Stephanie Lambring – “Daddy’s Disappointment” (Autonomy) Top 10 of 2021 (42:07)
  1. (44:36) Doc Feldman – “Let Me Love You” (A Healthy Dose of Anxiety)
  2. (50:53) Maia Sharp – “When the World Doesn’t End” (Mercy Rising)
  3. (55:15) Ben Trickey -- “Glendalough or Chantilly” (We Are Not Lucky We Are Blessed)
  4. (1:01:01) Adeem the Artist -- “Fervent For the Hunger” (Cast Iron Pansexual)
  5. (1:04:41) Semler -- “Prodigal Girl” (Late Bloomer)
  6. (1:07:40) Valerie June – “Why the Bright Stars Glow” (The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers)
  7. (1:13:00) Miko Marks – “Long As I Can See The Light” (Race Records)
  8. (1:16:40) Margo Cilker – “Kevin Johnson” (Pohorylle)
  9. (1:20:01) No-No Boy – “Where the Sand Creek Meets the Arkansas River” (1975)
  10. (1:27:38) Aaron Vance – “Five Bucks Says” (Cabin Fever)

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